How to access the project files from the Live Vectric Group Trainings

Almost all of the Live Vectric Group Training classes include a project file from the topic or project we covered in that lesson. If you are a subscribed member to the Live Vectric Group Training class, you will have access to ALL project files that you can download and use to make with your CNC. In this article, you will learn where to access the project files.

  1. This works best if you use a desktop or laptop computer(not recommended to download files on mobile)
  2. Sign in and go to your Course Library.
  3. Click on the Weekly Live Vectric Group Training to access the replays.
  4. Click "View All Lessons" or choose a lesson on the side panel.
  5. Click on any lesson that you want the project files for.(A in image below)
  6. Directly below the lesson, click the "Downloads" drop-down.(B in image below)
  7. Click on the files that you would like to download to your computer.(A in image below)
  8. If the files are in a zipped folder, right click on the folder and click "Extract All" to unzip the folder.

File License Agreement

By downloading the digital files, you agree to the following terms and conditions: 

  1. Digital files designed and/or created by Learn Your CNC cannot be shared, sold, traded, or any other methods of transfer with anyone outside of the Learn Your CNC courses. 
  2. You may share the images inside of the file folder on your website or social media but do not share the digital files.
  3. You can create and sell physical products made from the digital files but you cannot sell the digital files. Learn Your CNC permits you full commercial license to sell only physical products made from the digital files, unless otherwise stated in the associated lesson to the files.
  4. Any toolpaths created in the files are for example only. All materials and CNC machines are different, so you must adjust the material setup, tools, and toolpath settings to better suit your material and machine. Learn Your CNC is not responsible or liable for any damage, injuries, or incidents caused by using the digital files.
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