How to submit a project or topic to be covered in a future meeting

If you would like to submit a project or topic to be covered in a Zoom class, then you can follow the steps below:

  1. You must first be a member of the Live Vectric Group Training class
  2. Please search to see if your topic was already covered before submitting a new request: How to Search Inside the Courses
  3. You can fill out the Google request form by finding it in 2 different places
    1. In the "Live Lesson Request Form" post inside of the members area:
    2. At the bottom of each replay lesson description:
  4. Once you click on one of those buttons, it will take you to the Google form to fill out the info needed. Please read the description of the form before filling it out.

Please note that lessons are made in order of requests, so there may be a queue list of lessons ahead of your request. All requests will be considered, but some may not be used.

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