Common FAQs for Learn Your CNC Academy Community

FAQ: Learn Your CNC Academy Private Support Community

Q: How can I join the Learn Your CNC Academy Private Support Community? 

A: To join the community, you must first be a paid member. Sign up for membership and view pricing options at

Q: How do I ask a question about Vectric CNC software within the community? 

A: After joining, post your question in a clear and detailed manner in the appropriate community Circle, such as the Vectric Questions Circle for any Vectric or related CNC questions.

Q: Who can answer my questions, and how quickly can I expect a response? 

A: Both the instructor and other students can answer your questions. In the community, you can expect a response within 24 hours. During the live Q&A calls on Tuesdays and Thursdays, questions are typically answered within 5-10 minutes.

Q: I have a question on a file, how do I send it in?

A: For individual questions on a particular file, you can post the files inside of the community. If you have a question on how to complete an entire file or project, that would be a topic for the weekly Live Vectric Group Training class.

Q: What if I can't attend the live Q&A calls? 

A: Don't worry, all live Q&A calls are recorded and timestamped with each question asked. The timestamp is sent to you after the recording is posted, allowing you to refer back to the answer at your own convenience. How to watch the Q&A replays.

Q: How do I ask a follow-up question? 

A: You can ask follow-up questions in either the live Q&A calls or by creating a new post inside the community.

Q: What are the additional benefits of joining the Learn Your CNC Academy Private Support Community? 

A: As a member, you'll enjoy direct access to the instructor, optional monthly project challenges to test your skills and win prizes, a project share forum for inspiration and feedback on yours and others' CNC projects, community chat for networking with other members, and exclusive discounts and resources for CNC products and additional learning opportunities.

Q: Are the monthly project challenges mandatory? 

A: No, the monthly project challenges are optional for community members but are a great way to grow your skills in a friendly competition with your peers. Plus, a fun way to win some great prizes!

Q: How can I communicate with the instructor? 

A: The primary channels of communication with the instructor are through the community forums and weekly live Q&A calls.

If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our support team. Welcome to the Learn Your CNC Academy Private Support Community!

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