1/12/2023 Replay: Model Downsizing, Toolpath Naming Bug, Using Project Summary, Sharing Files, Contour Line Laser Engraving, Font Preview Website, Alternative to Aura Mask, and More!

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  • 00:00:00 - Intro
  • 00:01:14 - How to downsize the design to a smaller piece of material because it's a 3D model.
  • 00:05:31 - Some tutorials, the existing toolpaths already set specifically, the point is set a measure off machine bed. You don't want that. And I change along with the start carving in depth, the still sets the router to move about three inches above the project. Is there a fix?
  • 00:08:20 - Can you explain model position in material? Why would you want to gap above material?
  • 00:10:50 - I'm doing a project where I'm using rest machining, when there are two bits involved, the toolpaths, both have the same name. If I edit the name when creating the Toolpath, it renames both toolpaths. Granted, I can rename files when copying on a thumb drive to take to the shop. This seems like an error waiting to happen. Is there a workaround for this? Is this a bug? Is Vectric aware?
  • 00:29:14 - New J Tech 24watt laser is getting, he wants to know, do I need a new post processor for it? Where do I find it and how do I set it up?
  • 00:37:52 - I have a question not related to this live. It's about import DXF into Aspire. I never get the right size. How can I solve this?
  • 00:43:03 - Can I suggest using the project summary feature to help remember bits, et cetera? I always print out or take a screenshot since his CNC is limited, six characters in file name.
  • 00:45:13 - How to put multiply files in sheets from an older version of Aspire.
  • 00:49:55 - I have a laser test card in Vectric. Is there a file section that I could share?
  • 00:50:33 - I upgraded my PC to a larger one and it auto updated to Windows 11. Will this affect the Vectric program as I cannot run toolpath on my machine? I'm running Piranha by Nextwave.
  • 00:51:03 - Have you thought about doing videos on the Sundial Project recently released by Vectric when they updated to version 11.5? I'm having problems at this tracing stage after getting the template from block layer.com for my latitude. I am of the opinion that you should not be able to make it with desktop version 11.5
  • 00:52:56 - New here and new As of today for Vectric Pro, version 11, I just upgraded from desktop version 10.5. I had a modified open builds post processor, I had a modified post processor into several, each with different amounts of code that would generate, so in longer carves, I could split it up depending on how much time I had to devote to the machine that day. After upgrading, I'm getting errors on all of those post processors. Evidently because something within them isn't supported anymore. Do you know if tape splitting is something I could do in open builds post processor version 11? I don't see open builds post processor in the folder either like I did in version 10.5.
  • 00:55:32 - I have been away from my machine for a while, and I'm trying to carve out a very basic sign. When I started the process on Vectric, when I went to my toolpath and did a calculation, the program informed me of some open vectors. When I clicked on the vector validator, I was told I have 18 overlaps in 33 intersections. I can't seem to figure out how to clean this up so my toolpath would work. Can you point me in the right direction?
  • 01:00:26 - Did you receive my files for, and picture for the lines on the tapered project?
  • 01:14:51 - I'm working on a train map and would like to add a contour line with a laser. Has anyone attempted this? If so, how did you do this?
  • 01:19:35 - Any one know a Freelance artist or place to get an old picture drawn out?
  • 01:23:24 - I have a question regarding VCarve Pro. I have the software and license for it. I bought it before I got the Aspire. Can you sell VCarve Pro sell the license key?
  • 01:24:15 - You mentioned a website where I could see desired text in any font available with the computer. Would you repeat the website?
  • 01:24:57 - How do you get toolpath sub-category?
  • 01:26:11 - Do the tools have to be the same when you group?
  • 01:28:04 - I just got Aura mask, Does anyone know if there is anything on the market that is comparable and Best Bang for the buck?
  • 01:29:04 - Could you cover again how we replay these lessons?
  • 01:31:07 - In the box, gadget, I want sides. No top or bottom. Is there a way?
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