Job Templates

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Job Templates

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Job templates are files which hold many frequently used dimensions, machine settings, or geometry. They are like regular .crv3d or .crv files apart from a few important differences:

  • They have different file extensions (.crv3dt and .crvt)
  • When they are opened into the software, then if you try and save them they will not overwrite the template, and they will behave as though they are new files being saved.
  • The default save and load location is shared only across templates

Creating a Job Template

To create a job template, create a job as you usually would, with the required dimensions, and machining setup. You can even add geometry that you want to form part of the template. Then click File > Save As Template and save the file in the desired location.

Using a Template

A template can be opened using the New file from template option on the start panel. Or alternatively from the File > New file from template top menu item.

Editing an Existing Template

To edit an existing template open it up in the usual way, and then save over the existing file using the File > Save As Template menu item.

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