What type of Vectric training do you offer?

I offer 3 different trainings, so I will point out how each one can help you and you can choose what would benefit you most:

  • Vectric Master Training Course - this course is a must if you want to learn all the fundamentals of Vectric. This course will teach you what each CAD/CAM tool is in Vectric and how to use them. I highly recommend this course for beginners.
  • Live Vectric Group Training - this weekly live class is great for learning practical ways to use Vectric. I take student's requests/projects and show everyone how to complete the project in Vectric. Students love it because I can answer their questions live as I'm doing the project. All of the lessons are also recorded, so you can re-watch them as much as you like or if you missed it live. This is like a virtual classroom with a friendly environment of Vectric users.
  • One-on-One Zoom Training - this one is pretty self-explanatory but I can connect with you in a one-on-one Zoom meeting to personally teach you and answer your questions.
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