How to gift an online course to another recipient

What is a Gift Offer?

A Gift Offer is an offer that you can purchase and send to someone else as a gift so that they can access the content.

Think of a Gift Offer like a gift card.

You pre-pay for the gift card and gift it to someone else so they can use it however they choose.

With this guide, you will learn how to purchase a Gift Offer for someone else. A single-use coupon is what you can purchase and send via email to the intended recipient to use however they choose.

How to Purchase a Gift Offer

  1. Choose a Gift Offer:
    1. Aspire Master Training Course Gift Offer
    2. VCarve Master Training Course Gift Offer
  2. After purchasing one of the above gift offers, you will receive an email with a single-use coupon.

  3. Forward that email with the single use coupon to your intended recipient.

  4. The recipient can then use the link in the email and the the coupon code to get access to the online course with their own account, at no charge to them.

What happens when you purchase a gift offer?

When you purchase a Gift Offer, you will receive a unique single-use coupon code in your email.

You can then forward, print, or share the single-use coupon code to whomever you choose to gift the Offer to.

After the single-use coupon code is applied to a purchase, the unique code will expire and cannot be applied to future purchases.

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