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Custom Brush

Rather than the usual circular brush a custom brush made from any model can be used when in deposit or remove modes. The brush will leave an impression that simulates the pushing of the model through the surface. This technique can be used to add detail and texture to models.

Creating a brush

The custom brush mode can use any .3dclip, .v3m or bitmap as the custom brush. However it is usually best to use a model that has been created specifically for the role of a custom sculpting brush. To create such a brush, right-click on the model in the component tree and choose Create sculpting brush. The brush will be created, optimized for use in sculpting, and placed in the standard location for sculpting brushes to allow easy access from withing the sculpting form.

Selecting a brush

To select a brush click on the Load Brush button and choose the desired model or bitmap


The angle slider and associated edit box are used to set the current rotation of the brush. If dynamic rotation is not checked then this rotation angle will be fixed. The angle can be adjusted by holding down the r key and scrolling the mouse wheel.

Dynamic Rotation

If the use dynamic rotation option is checked then as the brush is dragged during sculpting the current rotation of the brush will be updated to follow the stroke of the brush.

In the 3D view a small arrow is shown indicating the current rotation of the brush.


The Merge checkbox controls whether the result of on sculpting stroke is merged with the previous strokes, or is added onto it.

With merge on (top) versus without (bottom)

Constraining Sculpting

To constrain sculpting to be either absolutely vertical or horizontal then hold down the v or h key when sculpting.


The vertical and horizontal here are relative to 3D view and not to the model itself.

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