How to add CNC bits to Vectric tool database

Below are the instructions to import the tool database file for Learn Your CNC "Dog Pack" CNC Bits. If you would like to download the Vectric Tool Database file or learn more about the bits, you can click here.

Step 1: Open up a new or existing Vectric project and click Toolpaths>Tool Database... in the top menu.

Step 2: In the Tool Database, click on "Imperial Tools" group to be the group that you import into. Then click Import a tool database at the bottom.

Step 3: Find the Vectric tool database file (download here) and click Open.

Step 4: When this message appears, click Import.

Step 5: Your new tool database group of tools has now been imported and will be at the very bottom of the list. If you would like to make them easier to find, you can click and drag the group all the way to the top of the tool database list:

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