Double Sided, Pockets, Rotary, Mouse, Stream Deck, and More - 1/5/23 Q&A Meetup

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  • 00:00:00- Intro
  • 00:01:58- Is there's a better way to do the 3D tabs.
  • 00:08:22- I designed in VCarve Pro, a simple oval and wanted to remove the material to make a dish. I started with a quarter inch ball. And was working great, but taking way too long. So I changed the tool path for a half inch bulb bit and it did great. Left the bottom with large grooves. I tried several times to set a final path, but never could understand that process. I have a onefinity woodworker. CNC.
  • 00:18:34- I have a board and I'm trying to make trying to make a shaped like a leaf. I was using a template on my router table. It's about 17 inches top to bottom. I wanna cut it in half using a wavy line so I can glue contrasting strips of wood in the middle. I was told that's not very easy to do.Is that a process covered in your classes?
  • 00:30:48- You suggest getting the MX Master three mouse. Do you have any information on how to best up the buttons for ease of use?
  • 00:44:56- I'm curious about doing a pocket, doing a roughing pass with a hogging iendmill and then doing the last quarter inch both on the vertical depth and on the sides with a finishing mill. Is that something that's easily done or do I have to create separate vectors with offset and manually Okay. I'm gonna go half an inch down for the rough and then the full half to the three quarter down for the finish. Or is there a way that Vectric just handles that for you with the two different end mills size, like quarter inch on both?
  • 01:00:13- Go over a separate last pass. I'm not getting clean cut on profile when using.
  • 01:07:57- Is there a map of where all the members are?
  • 01:08:58- Can you go over the unwrapping selected object tool when I'm looking at made rotary objects, but keeping some sections of the piece still square?
  • 01:21:18 - I drew a part in Fusion 360 exported DXF file. I want to run the Toolpath in Aspire when I import. It came in big. When I try to make it smaller fit in my eight eight inch board, it shrinks any idea to help me.
  • 01:28:29- I tested stream deck added profile for open Aspire, but window always opened up minimized, is there a way to have it open up full screen?
  • 01:29:24- I want to place a line half inch up from the face of the taper.
  • 01:37:04- This is about Stream Deck xl. See the touch portal on my mobile store, but not for my pc.
  • 01:39:14- Is there an easy way to model a half hole boat shape? Wanted to start making half hole sailboat shapes on frame and put on.
  • 01:41:05- Where to import your files for Stream deck?
  • 01:42:25- Adding more keyboard shortcuts for more buttons for stream deck
  • 01:43:43- What is the stream deck?
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