Jan 10th 2023 Q&A Meetup

Question Timestamps in this Q&A:

  • 00:00:00- Intro
  • 00:01:42 – I've tried making similar and Aspire not find it easy way to do it. Can you show how to do this?
  • 00:11:28- Rounding corners on a rectangle.
  • 00:16:58- Also show how this is made. I guess its alot of fulteing if im right.
  • 00:18:56- Doing a molding tool path.
  • 00:22:51- I'm exploring creating other application icons on the stream deck.. Is there a better way to do them instead of one icon at a time?
  • 00:28:31- Any members know a best resource for 2D and 3D program vectors?
  • 00:29:27- I need to resize three file purchased. It is in a picture frame, need to resize to fit the photo, but when I try to resize along the horizontal plane, the vertical slides become thinner and the top and the bottom side stay thick. Is there a way to resize or distort a model and then keep the detail and have each side remain proper thickness?
  • 00:34:48- Are the recordings of these events posted somewhere?
  • 00:35:11- Can you go over loading an STL into Aspire?
  • 00:39:29- Is there a way to get rid of thumbnails of people attending?
  • 00:40:34- How would I make molding? Like I made a router table, for example, Roman OG or something.
  • 00:48:23- Does anyone prefer to use spiral ramp to drill holes?
  • 01:06:30- Can you review how to import and add a dot tool file in Vectric, as example a man of tool?
  • 01:22:32- Could you also use a up cut down cut bit?
  • 01:23:39- I'm trying to find a way to make the curve.
  • 01:24:05- Could you talk about cleaning up the tool database?
  • 01:32:32- Scale this model down while keeping the detail.
  • 01:40:17- Can I extract a 2D from a 3d?
  • 01:42:18- How does number pad work on Stream Deck Excel? Where would the answers show?
  • 01:49:34- Will I have to get a five or six or seven access machine to make a true 3D run a 3D project?
  • 01:52:52- How do you get Aspire 11.5?
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