Jan 26th 2023 Q&A Meetup

Question Timestamps in this Q&A:

  • 00:00:00 - Intro
  • 00:01:36  - I'm doing a project that requires a wavy line, the same as a sin wave. Can I create this wave in VCarve Pro?
  • 00:18:37- What precisely is fit tolerance on the curve fit tool?
  • 00:22:17 - I asked last week about making canvas frame a follow up. I needed to be very precise after the mirror cut. I'm not sure what the final length, what is the final length I have?
  • 00:28:51 - Do you teach Aspire too for 3d carving?
  • 00:29:50 - I keep running into an issue with these stair step looking , I think it may be, because I'm resizing the model on import and stretching the model causing stair step effect. I have the render quality to maximum and my toolpath preview quality set the highest as well. It does cut exactly as it looks in the screen. From the Toolpath preview and Aspire.
  • 00:46:22 - Is there a way to remove or flatten out elements in an STL you want to take out or replace, for example, a great STL file, but you want to change the language of the piece to English or other.
  • 01:17:08 - The thickness of the material, how much you're removing away and to prevent warping.
  • 01:21:15 - Do you do one-on-one training as well?
  • 01:23:04 - On your mobile app, I use Android. I've posted stuff in the the project and I see where people will respond. I get a little notification on my phone that someone acknowledged that by one means or another. And it seems like when you open, when you click that it should take you to what they responded. And it's not, it just takes me to the topic and then I have to search to find it. And there's a lot of things on there now.
  • 01:24:25 - How to import a 3D STL file of an eagle wing into a double sided project.
  • 01:32:01 - Is there, an easier way to make a toolpath for each one of these different settings without having to create a toolpath for each rectangle?
  • 01:34:49- How is an easy way to organize all your models?
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